Station Profile

Okuhle FM is to enrich and empower young people on the following fields 1. EDUCATION 2. BUSINESS/ECONOMY 3. CONSCIOUS/SUBCONSCIOUS MIND 4. SPORT and 5. MUSIC. Okuhle FM we bring back the zing in amazing. We inspired the youth of this generation to be more hands on and learn about the new involving technology because our lives now envolve around the new innovation gadget. We focus more on issues the  youth of today face everyday today. Alcohol, different drugs, peer pressure, dropping out of school and yes unprotected sex. We try by all means to give guidance and inspired. Our listeners to get up and make a change in their lives.

Welcome to the leading multi broadcaster in Kwa Zulu Natal, Okuhle FM broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week both FM and the internet. We deliver our exclusive content in 50% of isiZulu and 50% English. Okuhle FM is dominated with a talk content of 60% against 40% music. The main target of the station is youth and young adults that are democracy open minded, our mission is to inform, education, support poor people and entertain our society through our reach and researched programmes that will satisfy our targeted community and abroad through our live streaming.